Most Popular Online Games to Play Anywhere in the World

Playing games will give relaxation to the mind and gives relief from the work stress. At present online games become very popular now. Irrespective of the age all the people are interested to play the games online. Here we are giving you the details of How to play bloons tower defense Unblocked Games. To play the games no need to download them into your PC simply play the games on online.

League of Legends:

The popular game moved from the top to "Dota 2", where its creators, Riot Games, customized to creation with characteristics similar to the game previously mentioned. "LoL" has had great acceptance and has led to the addition of millions of players from around the world and to the creation of world cups of the game. League of Legends is completely free and is easily accessible.

Bloons Tower Defense 5:

This is another strategy game in the style of the defense tower. You will have to help the monkeys destroy all the balloons. For the money you earn, you can buy some improvements or help, it's all up to you. Balloons against monkeys: be part of this ancestral rivalry ... Unlock weapons of special darts and build spectacular structures in this game of darts and strategy with 50 levels to explore.

Dota 2:

The game developed by the company "Valve Corporation" launched the game on July 9, 2013, after putting several betas online where players could try the game and go criticizing its progress. Currently it is played by about 10 million people, however, it has been criticized by the hostile community that characterizes it.

HABBO Hotel:

One of the largest social networks on the Internet, operated by the company "Sulake Corporation" and launched to the public in August 2000. The game is so massive that it has been estimated that about 75 thousand people join daily and that there are around of 100 million accounts in the world.


From the same creator of Lineage II, "NCsoft", Aion is a massively multiplayer game released in November 2008 and was accepted in Europe and Asia. Then it would go to North America and its popularity would grow even more with the expansions that the creators would launch.

2) Repair It Yourself:

These days self-repair can be done on the computer by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. A person who has the technical know-how or is simply feeling adventurous can opt to repair their faulty computer by themselves. This helps to save time and money.
There are also several resources on how to maintain, upgrade and trouble shoot computers on the internet.


3) Outsourcing:

The option of outsourcing the repair of broken down computers is one that organizations can explore. They have an arrangement with a third party company or vendor who repairs all their faulty computers and gets paid for the service. In making this arrangement however, proper contracts must be drawn up, and terms and conditions scrutinized to the letter.



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4) Engage Your Tech Savvy Friends:

Many of us have friends and relatives who have great computer skills. There's no harm in asking them to help out with upgrading and repairing your personal computer. A considerable amount of time and money can be saved when we make use of the talents and skills our friends possess, as opposed to outsourcing the service to a complete stranger.

5) Don't Forget To Get Names:

It's easy to forget to ask for the name of customer support officer assigned to handle your complaints. Always remember to write down the name of the customer support officer speaking to you during a support phone call.

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